Gary Hill, Clover, 1994


Gary Hill, 1994.
4 channel video and sound installation, 64" h. x 30" x 30"

This artwork was acquired for the Washington State Art Commission in partnership with Department of General Administration and Western Washington University. State Collection WSA1995.397.000


Clover consists of four 20'' monitor tubes mounted on the the four edges of an open steel platform. The tubes have been removed from their chassis, allowing for their tapered bulbs to be directed towards a center point, in a clover-like form. Four black and white images, ranging from 5-7 minutes in duration, repeat asynchronously.

Each image is of a man seen from behind, recorded with a camera that is attached to his back. The image consists of his shoulders and head, around which can be seen a wooded background marked with trees, that continuously moves toward the viewer. The men appear to be moving toward a common ground, a place which may or may not exist. Rather than the man being only an image, we see he is a part of the seeing apparatus, and thus ceases to move as the world passes by."