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Dark gray metal sculpture approximately 3 meters square with a vertically concave face bisected diagonally by a planar triangle. Shaded by nearby trees.
Three very large red structural i-beams converge in a pyramidal shape to form a sculpture 6 meters high. The base of the beams forms a triangular footprint, adn the convergence is crowned by several horizontal beams pointing roughly east-west, and nnw.
a steep, weedy hill with a metal path rising to a dock-like arrangement of steel and wooden piles with irregularly shaped decks across the hill.
slabs of patinaed steel balanced and welded together at angles. Total size 2.5 high by 3 meters tall.
open-ended rectangular cube of patinaed steel slabs with two vertical slabs running lengthwise down the middle at slight angles to the sides. 2.25 m wide and high, 4.5 m long.
three sides of a large black cube with a pyramidal apex. Each face has a large circular hole angled up at the sky. Structure sits atop three short cylindrical brick pedestals.


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