Chris Bruch, Offshoot and Couplet, 1992


Communications Building - lobby: Chris Bruch, Offshoot and Couplet, 1992. Steel and enamel. 24'h x 36'w x 35"d and 92' x 15w x 12"d. Gift of the artist.


Cris Bruch said, “I was snooping around on an abandoned pier and found an old roll of steel banding, which I took back to the studio and began working with. The material is tempered steel, very springy, and it was familiar from years of working in lumberyards. I ended up etching it and painting it and then writing on it with paint markers. I would write everything I could, cut the material at the end, and then begin making a sculpture with it. The writing and the tension within the material led to thoughts about grammar and syntax, about the tension in language between meaning and nonsense, about orthodoxy and heterodoxy, about dogma and heresy, and about digression...”