Sensory Room Soundscape with Bruce Hamilton

bearded fellow with straight brown hair, glasses, black collared shirt

Date and Time

Thu, Apr 14, 2022 - 5:00pm

Part of the Exhibition

Composer, percussionist, improviser, and electronic musician Bruce Hamilton will talk about the Sensory Room soundscape that he created for the Western Gallery’s current exhibition, Nancy Holt, Between Heaven and Earth. This is the second composition that Hamilton has made for art installations in the gallery. He will talk about his approach to music / visual art convergence and how these soundscapes fit within his creative output in general.
Hamilton is Professor of Music at Western, where he teaches music theory, composition, and directs the electroacoustic music studio (WWEAMS). He composes and performs music in a variety of styles, genres and genre hybrids. Hamilton has received many honors, awards, and commissions. His most recent large ensemble work was a double concerto commissioned and premiered by the INVERSE Percussion Project and Musique Militaire Grand-Ducal du Luxembourg. Hamilton’s music is published by Non Sequitur Music and can be heard on the Albany, Capstone, SEAMUS, Linear Obsessional, Mark, Memex, split notes, Spectropol, and Tangy Citrus labels.

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