Perspectives: Kevin Covey, Astronomy and Physics

A plan drawing of Nancy Holt's sculpture site with contour lines

Date and Time

Thu, Feb 24, 2022 - 5:00pm

Part of the Exhibition

Kevin Covey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Western. He will be giving a talk relating to the exhibition, "Nancy Holt: Between Heaven and Earth," in the Western Gallery

Nancy Holt's Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings sculpture is anchored squarely on earth, but is designed to align with objects and motions in the night sky.  The design and construction of landmark structures such as Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings require careful measurements of position and knowledge of the changes in the sky over time. In this talk, Professor Covey will highlight some of the ways that "Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings," and the surveying tools displayed in this exhibition, illustrate the deep connections between astronomy, which depends on accurate measurements of the time and location on Earth to reconstruct our understanding of the cosmos, and surveying, where observations of the sky can identify our position and time on Earth.

About the Perspectives Series

In 2019, the Western Gallery launched a new series called "Perspectives" to invite WWU scholars from a range of backgrounds and interests to lead informal 45-minute discussions of topics conjured by the current exhibition in the gallery's contemporary exhibition space.

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