In Conversation: Sasha Petrenko and Jennifer Anable

Sasha Petrenko and Jennifer Anable

Date and Time

Wed May 8, 2019 12:00pm


As part of the the 2019 Faculty Biennial at the Western Gallery, a series of noon artist talks will be held. The artists will discuss their process, history, and exhibited works.

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Sasha Petrenko

"My sculpture, performance work, writing, sound work, and video is layered, like a cosmic ecological sandwich. I identify systems that involve both human and extra human participants. But I am no scientist, or authority on anything but my own way, and that is even questionable at best. So my work asks questions about relationships, between us and them, humanity and animals, plants and people, our bodies and the universe. In the gaps between our working with and against it, our feeling at home or out of place, there lie deeper truths that can lead us to our better nature and a more stable future. Because it’s all nature. Understanding our place in it leads towards understanding ourselves.”

Sasha Petrenko received a BA in Art Practice University of California, Berkeley, and an MFA from Studio Arts Mills College, Oakland CA.

Jennifer Anable

"The objects and ideas that happen in my studio are continuously cycling through life and death. I use transformative materials and active processes to formulate work. Porcelain is one material I am greatly affected by. It can be a utilitarian workhorse and a precious handmade object. Throwing and slip casting are important outlets for my work. The inherent aspects of molded work hold a language of containment and the energy of release and transformation that I want to project. I think in proportions, volumes, curves, and functions, to create beauty. This intimate language of crafted objects and personal vessels carries into my sculptural work. Regardless of the form my work takes, I would like to think that using notions of functionality and showing process are an empathetic gesture towards the viewers’ understanding of the work.”

Jennifer Anable received her BFA from the Oregon College of Art & Craft and MFA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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