Faculty Biennial / Sharron Antholt: Nothing to Look At

Wed, Apr 3, 2019 through Wed, May 8, 2019

Every two years the Western Gallery showcases recent work and research by faculty members of Western’s art and design departments. The 2019 Faculty Biennial presents recent aesthetic concerns, reflecting a diverse range of studio practices. 

A concurrent exhibition presents recent work by Sharron Antholt, curated by Barbara L. Miller. Antholt transforms the sun’s photonic energy into a drawing tool. She uses a magnifying glass to bend and focus electromagnetic radiation, aiming the sun’s invisible rays to burn small holes through specifically treated Nepalese paper.

"Three years ago, in an effort to simplify and clarify ideas in my work I began a series of drawings using a magnifying glass and sunlight to burn holes in the work. Making the drawings is a meditative process describing a repetitive, silent action. I am marking time and place simultaneously. The marks made by sunlight are holes and yet they are to be looked at more than looked through.” - Sharron Antholt

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