In Conversation: Cynthia Camlin and Barbara Sternberger

Cynthia Camlin and Barbara Sternberger

Date and Time

Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:00pm


As part of the the 2019 Faculty Biennial at the Western Gallery, a series of noon artist talks will be held. The artists will discuss their process, history, and exhibited works.

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Cynthia Camlin

“Bridging landscape and abstraction, my work uses experimental processes and traditional painting techniques to imagine oceans, ice, and earth – from crystalline patterns at the microscopic level to the formation and destruction of landscapes and ecosystems. Interpreting weather, erosion, cracking, melting, the life and death of flora and fauna through visual metaphor, the work dramatizes environmental change, destruction and rebirth. The subject of Island of Ought and Naught is a tiny island off the coast of Iceland where the last great auk was captured and killed. Elizabeth Kolbert compares the island, in The Sixth Extinction, to “the base of an enormous column" with guano from seabirds that give it “what looks like a coating of vanilla frosting.”


Cynthia Camlin received her BA from Duke University, MA from The University of Virginia, and MFA from The University of Texas at Austin

Barbara Sternberger

“My recent paintings are both a continuation of investigations that have been part of my work for a long time and a new direction that has evolved from the maturing use of my handheld oil paint. These paintings realize an interdependence of mind, medium and process, which become balanced in the present moment, without interruption. The imagery does not come from external observation of form, but rather from an internal exploration that suggests the intangible. Thus, my paintings become their own content while revealing an invisible presence.”

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