Archaeologist Dale Croes and Suquamish master weaver Ed Carriere

master weaver sitting on porch steps holding and surrounded by woven baskets

Date and Time

Thu Oct 13, 2016

Lecture by wet site archaeologist Dale Croes and Suquamish master weaver Ed Carriere, who have been replicating 2,000 year old waterlogged archaeological basketry found in the early 1960s along the Snoqualmie River near Seattle. The baskets are statistically linked through 100 generations from this site, through 1,200, 750, and 500 year old Salish Sea wet site basketry, to the old style split cedar limb/root clam basket making that Carrier himself learned from his Great Grandmother. Carriere and Croes will share the latest successes of their collaboration and display examples of the replicas woven by Carriere.


Part of the SUSAN POINT PAST PRESENT: CULTURAL VISIONS IN NEW MEDIA exhibition at the Western Gallery.


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