Coded Threads Reception

three adumbral figures facing each other. Their clothes appear to have small patches of illumination emanating from them.

Date and Time

Thu Sep 28, 2017

Part of the Exhibition

The reception is free but please RSVP

Free reception parking in Lot 19G behind Wade King Recreation Center. Directions to parking.

New Textiles comprise a range of materials: spider silk, nanotechnology, biocouture, smart textiles (conductive threads, fiber optics), incorporation of Arduino microprocessors, etc. Collaborations between scientists and artists are producing new materials and projects that span both domains. New materials such as carbon fibers have been used not only as clothing but also in sports, medicine, astronautics, architecture, the military, in hospitals, etc. Military technologists have created a soldier’s cloak that camouflages the wearer in the environment. NASA’s robonauts’ (robotic astronauts) hands can perform tasks using the same tools used by human spacewalkers using a sensitized glove. Medical textiles enable, for example, the surgical use of machine-embroidered textile grafts as a form of scaffolding to promote nerve and muscle repair.

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