Elsi Vassdal Ellis in dialogue

an elaborate fold-out book or game with tiles and text

Date and Time

12:00pm Mon May 1, 2017

The 2017 Faculty Biennial in the Western Gallery features a retrospective of retiring Professor of Design Elsi Vassdal-Ellis, who will speak at noon on Mon., May 1 in the gallery. The event is free and open to the public.

“When I began making books I saw the process as a continuation of the temptation Eve faced in the Garden of Eden, hence my pressmark [EVE Press]. I make use of a variety of media and reproduction techniques (offset and letterpress printing, printmaking, hand painting and drawing, as well as the use of the computer) and various book structures (experimental, traditional, and historical). Since 1999, I have focused on issues of war and genocide, exploring manipulations of the media to initiate a personal examination by the reader of what has happened and what may happen. One could say my books stand as witnesses to Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Iraq.”

Elsi Vassdal Ellis received BS in Visual Communication and MEd in Industrial Technology Education from Western Washington State College, and PhD in Educational Communication with emphases in visual psychology and statistics from University of Washington.

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