Craig Dunn on Biointegrity and reception for Salish Wonder Room

Craig Dunn presenting in front of a large projected slide showing close-up sea life

Date and Time

Thu Oct 18, 2018

Part of the Exhibition


At 3:15 p.m.  in the Western Gallery, join us with Craig. P Dunn for his Ted-x Talk on BIOINTEGRITY. Dunn is Western's Wilder Distinguished Professor of Business and Sustainability.

A question-and-answer period will follow Mr. Dunn's presentation.

My personal purpose is to resolve social injustice(s); this drives virtually all my thinking, doing, and being. I have spent twenty-five years in University praxis imagining the ways in which business knowledge, skills and abilities might be applied to this purpose. But not just imagining. Convinced that free-market capitalism is on the cusp of an evolutionary disruption, I have worked assiduously to equip college students to take all that they know about traditional business practice…and imagine how such practice can be applied to creating sustainable, market-based revenue streams in support of, well, making the world a more equitable place. And not inconsequentially, in the process to hold forth to students a vision of meaningfulness in their own lives, as they engage with truly redemptive work.

Craig P. Dunn

Salish Wonder Room

From 4 - 6 p.m., please stay for the opening reception for the “Salish Wonder Room” - an evolving and changing collaborative project by Professor Cynthia Camlin and students in her Art 397L Art and Ecology class.

In the first weeks of the exhibition there will be many specimens from Biology and Geology departments; later the specimens will go away and there will be student projects that react to the tradition of a cabinet of curiosities.

Each student project is focused on one organism in the Salish Sea region. Students will write and draw each week on one whole wall that is a blackboard and each time they will be addressing their organism.

This event is part of Modest Forms of Biocultural Hope - on display in the Western Gallery through December 8.


See nature.

See nature as an integrated system.


See people.

See people as self-interest-seeking autonomous beings.


Can nature teach us…anything?


What will unfold is an impactful story of how we might learn from the rest of nature…

and in the process enjoy a more meaningful existence.


One that is integrated.

One that is ethical.

One that is sustainable.


Can nature teach us...anything?


You be the judge.


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