Back2B'ham: Reception for Alumni of Art and Art History

a group of people at a gallery reception

Date and Time

Sat, May 20, 2023 - 5:00pm
Concludes: 6:30pm

Please join us for a special reception in the gallery with food and drink. You can reconnect with your favorite professors and old friends!
In the gallery the BFA Students present At this Juncture. This newly-opened exhibition showcases our graduating BFA students who have produced work in painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation, photography, and performance art.

Collaborating side-by-side with their faculty committees, the students address issues of craftsmanship, content, and meaning as they pursue the completion of their degrees.

On the front lawn of the Fine Arts building Sasha Petrenko's Wood Sculpture class has created an outdoor tent space that will house short animations, film, and sound art created by students.  

To attend, please RSVP via the Back2B'ham registration site. Back2B'ham features a host of events across campus and throughout Bellingham all weekend. Our event is free to attend, but you must register. There are paid registration options for the weekend that come with additional benefits and experiences.

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