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In-Site: A New Realism

September 23 through October 17, 2020

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 to Saturday, October 17, 2020

The annual BFA exhibition ​​​​​​is comprised of the culminating projects created by students graduating from WWUs year-long BFA program. The 10 artists represented in this show have created bodies of work that attempt to evoke new ways of perceiving reality. Spanning a range of media from photography, sculpture, painting, video, printmaking, and installation each artist seeks to restructure a site or subjective memory to incite new modes of understanding the past and the present.

In-site: A New Realism

photo: small lockers on a wall. Some have locks, most don't. An old wall phone hangs on the right side., photo: lit-up lamp, sculpted. Appears shiny and goopy., highly blended, smooth texture. Could a small pile of fabric on a wrinkled gray sheet, detailed black and white drawing of a scowling fairy creature surrounded by butterflies, abstract round red face eating a burger with blue bun, photo: woman in a jumpsuit and boots laying on a bed of scattered material scraps on a lawn, realistic painting: docked boat named Horizon, silhouetted in the sunset, high contrast, outline sketch: scene of palm trees, buildings and thin clouds in the sky, circle of chairs overlays bunches of nails (5 per bunch) laid out in a 5x4 grid with the head of a hammer in the bottom left corner, cartoonish painting: small female holding rolled up money next to easel with house drawing, surrounded by personal effects larger than the person



Payton Dickerson

Suzie Marco

Shannon DeLurio

Amanda Kartes

Jill​Ian Roth

Ashly McBride

Joel Aparicio

Sarah Kindl

Madison Dowling

Ellie Bacchus 

photo compilation of 10 pieces of art in a 5x2 grid