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Educational Programs - The Avant-Garde and the Text 

Western Gallery, Western Washington University 

Spring Quarter 1989: April 3 - April 13

In conjunction with the unusual retrospective of avant-garde texts, the Western Gallery will provide several educational programs.

Monday, April 3, 1 pm, in the gallery and Tuesday, April 4, 1 pm, in the gallery: - Germany: Dada - Film made with the cooperation of the original Dadaists Hans Richter and Richard Huelsenbeck. Original film footage of the period used to highlight Dadaist background and artistic manifestations. 

Wednesday, April 5, 12 noon, in the gallery: Dr. Ileana Leavens, art historian from Seattle Community College who is a recognized authority on Dadaism and its contemporary manifestations gives gallery tour. 

Wednesday, April 5, 1 pm in the gallery and Thursday, April 6, 1 pm in the gallery: -- Anemic Cinema - Marcel Duchamp with the assistance of Man Ray, presents a film in the Dadaist mode - abstract with marvelous use of puns.

Monday, April 10, 1 pm in the gallery and Tuesday, April 11, 1 pm in the gallery: -- Emak Bakia (1927)--Film by Man Ray was intended as a satire on the movies. Abstract images are created through distorting mirrors. 

Wednesday, April 12, 12 noon in the gallery: Professor Doug Wadden, graphic art designer from Univ. of Washington gives gallery tour. 

Wednesday, April 12, 1 pm in the gallery and Thursday, April 13, 1 pm in the gallery: - Salvador Dali: a soft self-portrait. Produced by Dali and shot on location at his villa in Port Lligat, this film provides a view into the surreal mind of this master provocateur. 


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