Body Culture: Chicano Figuration

Sun, Sep 22, 1991 through Fri, Oct 18, 1991

One of three Exhibitions organize in conjunction with Chicano Symposium at Whatcom Museum, Body/Culture features the work of both well-known and emerging artists form different regions of California who use the figure to express ideas relevant to their culture. The images in this exhibition will appeal not only viewers who are familiar with the primarily political Chicano art of the 1960s but also to those who are interested in seeing how Chicano art has entered the mainstream. One of three Exhibitions organized in conjunction with Chicano Symposium at Whatcom Museum, "Hablamos. We Speak" presents Chicano posters drawing from the original collection of the Chicano/Latino Archive at the Evergreen State College Library, assembled in 1982, along with new contemporary posters, most of them from California.

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