Surveillance and Voyeurism: Panel and Reception

A person in their living room reflected on a window which looks out over a city at night

Date and Time

Tue Jan 10, 2017

Part of the Exhibition

FREE opening reception and panel discussion with artists Garry Neill Kennedy and Evan Lee and Andrea Gogröf, Professor of Liberal Studies. Free parking in Lot 17G behind Western Gallery.

Panel discussion from 5 - 6 p.m. Reception 6 - 8 p.m.


  • Andrea Gogröf is Professor of Liberal Studies at WWU. Her main area of interest is comparative literature and philosophy with a focus on romanticism and modernity. In her interdisciplinary research of surveillance, Gogröf links sociological discourse with literature and literary theory for a critical examination of the systematic proliferation of surveillance technologies and the erosion of the distinction between the public and private sphere.
  • Garry Neill Kennedy is one of Canada’s most prominent and pioneering contemporary artists. In addition to an extensive international exhibition history, Kennedy has also held the position of president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for twenty-three years (1967-1990), establishing NSCAD University as a forerunner in art education.
  • Evan Lee is a visual artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He is known for exhibitions of his experimental image-based work, but also for working across the range of media and subjects, as well as teaching and writing.

IMAGE: Michel Auder
Untitled (I Was Looking Back To See If You Were Looking Back At Me To See Me Looking Back At You)
single channel, digital video HD, color, sound
15:12 min

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