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  • Beverly Pepper, Normanno Wedge and Column

Normanno Wedge

Beverly Pepper
Cast iron. Column: 7' 3" h. Wedge: 102' x 11.3" x 11'3"
Photo Credit: 
Jesse Sturgis



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In her two totem-like markers in Haskell Plaza, Beverly Pepper combines the image of tools with the idea of civic monuments. They are the products of tools, literally but also metaphorically as the spiritual products of the tool-using culture that the commemorate. 

Just as Abakanowicz sensed the enchanted quality of the cold forests of Poland or the primitive nature of the tropical rain forests of Papua New Guinea, Pepper was transfixed by the thick growth and gnarled trees interpenetrating the Buddhist carved reliefs that covered the temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Caro, too, remembered similar encrusted temples in India. While both Abakanowicz and Pepper have created a sense of a total environment in a singular object and have made a large environment with one type of object, Pepper's interest was the sense of transition one finds in any culture's tools.

Funding provided by

Normanno Wedge: Western Washington University in partnership with one-half of one percent for art law, Art in Public Places Program, Washington State Arts Commission. Normanno Column: Gift of Virginia and Bagley Wright, 2005, in honor of Karen W. Morse, President, and Sarah Clark-Langager, Curator. Installation funded by Virginia and Bagley Wright and President Karen W. Morse's designation from the Amendt Presidential Endowment.

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