Outdoor Sculpture

Bay View Station

George Trakas
Four sections of wood and steel. 45' x 144' area.

George Trakas' installation creates a pedestrian's passageway between the industrial, port city and the university on the west side of campus, and a viewing station for reflection on these communal connections. He has used both architectural structures in his work and architecture as the subject of his sculpture. At Western Trakas first studied the site conditions: primarily a steep, weedy hill with a dirt path rising to the concrete pillars of the Performing Arts Center and a sitting area on a small concrete pad. Trakas chose to weave his own catwalk and irregularly shaped decks across the hill.


Sandra Locke
987 Sculpture Symposium funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and private donations. Temporary installation in 1987. Permanent installation, gift of David and Kay Syre Family.

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