Gosia Wlodarczak “Between Wander & Settlement”

Mon, Jan 16, 2012 through Thu, Mar 1, 2012

Known for her performative drawings, Australian artist Gosia Wlodarczak physically works on drawings while at her chosen sites and takes into account the cultural background of her locations, the specifics of the site itself, and timely situations. Her materials can range from paper, walls, and table cloths to "dust covers" for furniture. For the exhibition, Wlodarczak created an immersive, multidisciplinary drawing installation titled "Between Wander & Settlement." This series talks about human l life’s transitional stages, about travels, movements, and al l the changes. Wlodarczak’s new series of work explores human life’s transitional stages, travels, changes, and movements. Her installation includes: “Skin of the Wall,” a large drawing installation focusing on the tension between private and public spaces; “The Train Trip: Szczecin—Poznan,” an animated film/sound-drawing translating the views along a railroad track while traveling from Szczecin to Poznan (Poland); and “Mt. Baker Sound-Drawing,” a new work she developed on site.

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