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Primary Research Lab: Form Studies

Sunday, August 7, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Fine Arts Building 124 - Western Gallery


Artists Colleen Brown (Vancouver) and Dawn Cerny (Seattle) will bring their individual sculptural concerns to the works in the Outdoor Sculpture collection. The common frontal, albeit three-dimensional, relationship with sculpture and the immersive experience of its installation are two common modes that speak to different aspects of a viewers experience. Just as cooking or performing other simple tasks can make a conversation flow, the act of moving around the sculptures will provide Brown and Cerny with the impetus to stand beside each other and the work, realizing their active/passive position within this landscape of things. Colleen Brown and Dawn Cerny met in the MFA program at Bard College. Since they met, they have been talking with each other (in words and sculpture) about slapstick and slapping sticks, empty and full, near and far and other ideas sculpture is particularly good for thinking about.

PRIMARY RESEARCH LAB will host a series of engagement labs where we will create active platforms for encountering works of minimalism from the collections at WWU. These labs will highlight the physicality of these encounters. Through commissioned works, events, tours, listening sessions and screenings the lab series will contribute a contemporary and sensory perspective on these artists forms.

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