ARTIST TALK & CLOSING RECEPTION | The Red Chador: Genesis I by Anida Yoeu Ali

Water Birth, The Red Chador: Genesis I (2019, Honolulu), Performance & Concept by Anida Yoeu Ali. Photo by Masahiro Sugano

Date and Time

Sat, Nov 20, 2021 - 2:00pm

Closing reception for The Red Chador: Genesis I.

Anida Yoeu Ali will be "In Conversation" with Tami Landis, Museum Educator of the Western Gallery, addressing the public's myriad of responses to her current exhibition, The Red Chador: Genesis I. Ali is also interested in responding to comments and questions from the live audience during the closing event. The conversation will begin promptly at 2pm with limited seating available. After the conversation, the artist will maintain her presence in the gallery to close out the last day of the exhibition.

The closing will include students from the Dance Program at Western. Clad in brightly colored Chadoras, they will share an embodiment of the ideas presented in the exhibit; challenging our perceptions and fears of "the other" and subverting stereotypes of oppression with moving images of joy and freedom.

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